Puzur Mihai Viktor

“Puzur Bureau” design-studio is qualified on authoring subjects of industrial art, furniture items, interior design and landscaping. We’ve got a small bureau, our regular labour force consists only of two - the father and the son, Mikhail Puzur and Victor Puzur. Here all of design principles descend from father to son. The main mottoes of design in our bureau are:

- establishment of environmental conservation principles by design concept;
- eco-friendly materials are preferred, due to its thrifty use and recycling opportunities;
- natural material application and its novel technology registration;
- the use of traditional resources, which are available on the territory of this area (raw materials and energy products);
- reduction of material and energy costs;
- ecological outlook development in the process of object creating;
- object design with the maximum use of non-waste production technologies;
- popularization of recycling movement in design projects;

At this stage our small workshop produces “Trempel” cloth hangers, made of recyclable material - a cardboard tube.


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